Framrekkari 1.1.0 available in Jolla store

Framrekkari 1.1.0 available in Jolla store

Framrekkari IconOne day after Framrekkari was initially released to Jolla store on Sailfish OS powered devices, the first major update is released and available at the same place. Framrekkari 1.1.0 completes the translation work flow by implementing the ability to mark strings as reviewed or not reviewed. Marking items as reviewed/not reviewed is possible directly on the translation page as well as int the string list (by context menu/press and hold). Because of the limitations in the Transifex API you have again to know by yourself if your user account has access granted to these operation on the chosen project.

Other new features are a much more informative cover with some actions (go to next item, copy source to clipboard), a page holding meta data that is attached to the translation page, and a context menu (press and hold) for the source string with copy to clipboard action. Furthermore there was one annoying bug fixed, where the on screen keypads hid the the password field on the account page.

Version 1.1.1 is already in the Jolla Harbour QA, because version 1.1.0 also introduced one new bug that leads to an application crash when you use the next/previous actions at the translation page on a filtered list.

  • Framrekkari 1.1.0 Stringpage

    Framrekkari 1.1.0 Stringpage

  • Framrekkari 1.1.0 Metadata

    Framrekkari 1.1.0 Metadata

  • Framrekkari 1.1.0 Cover

    Framrekkari 1.1.0 Cover

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