After upgrading my Apache web server to version 2.4.26, most of the PHP based web sites served by it showed a weird behavior, especially in their administration areas. Joomla! administration area was completely not accessible anymore, showing a 404 error when trying to login and for the admin template style sheets and scripts. WordPress admin area was not loading lists of posts, pages, etc.

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Außenminister Frank-Walter Steinmeier verkündet heute Morgen, dass Deutschland das Ergebnis der Präsidentschaftswahlen in den USA akzeptieren wird, auch wenn eine Mehrheit der Deutschen für Hillary Clinton war.

Da haben wir ja Glück gehabt. Ich hatte schon befürchtet, wir würden die Kaiserliche Flotte vom Grund von Scapa Flow heben und den dummen Amis den Krieg erklären.

Gibrievida Icon

Gibrievida started as a side project for personal usage, mostly to track sportive progress. But it is designed to track any activity you want. I am therefore open for new ideas. :)

It’s concept is based on categories, activities and records, where categories group activities by topic, like Sport or Leisure. Activities are a kind of template for records that hold the data. A record consist of an activity together with starting time, duration and optional repetitions, distance and notes.

You can sort your records by different parameters to get a better overview over your progress or simple about what you did the last days. And thanks to Nathan Follens and Åke Engelbrektson it is already translated into Dutch and Swedish – beside my own German translation.

If you want to learn more about Gibrievida, look here.

And yes, I know, the icon is shit. I think I will never be the next Icon-Van-Gogh…

Markat Cover

Browse eBay the Sailfish way with Markat

Whoo, this time Jolla’s Harbour QA was really fast. I send Markat 0.7.0 to the harbour yesterday noon and today morning at around 8 o’clock German time it passed the quality assurance and hit the Jolla Store. Version 0.6.0 was only released two days ago – 0.7.0 is an intermediate release on the way to 0.8.0 that will have bidding and buying support. Weiterlesen →

My apps using Qt/QML WebView on Sailfish OS (ocNews, Chennzeihhan and Markat) have issues with diplaying websites in the integrated app webview (SilicaWebView) on OS version (Vaarainjärvi). Opening URLs there do not load the website, but only showing a white screen. Nothing crashes, there is only no content loaded and displayed. There is a quite easy workaround for this issue. All you need is a file manager app that can display hidden files and folders.
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Markat 0.5.0 MyEbay

Markat 0.5.0 MyEbay

Markat version 0.5.0 is available in the Jolla Store since this morning. This version is the first release that features a integration into your eBay account by authenticating Markat to use your account. After you authenticated Markat you are able to watch your buyer lists in Markat and watched items are synchronized to your eBay account. There is still no support for direct buying/bidding in Markat, but I am working on it. Because Markat currently only supports basic buyer actions like watching items and opening them in the web browser, the MyEbay page in Markat shows only the lists that belong to buying stuff on eBay.
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ocNews SailfishOS 1.9.0 Item List Excerpts

Article excerpts

It took a bit longer as I thought, but now I finished the code cleanup and the work of improving the data models. So, ocNews, the ownCloud News App client for Jolla’s Sailfish OS and MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan (Nokia N9), brings mostly non visual improvements. The new data models are not reloading completely anymore after each operation that changes the underlying data. Sorting and filtering is now done through filter proxies, what also does not reload the complete data and makes some animation on filtering possible. Engine code base was cleaned up and the connections between the API parts are better, so that not complete classes need to be loaded into others, only to perform minimal stuff. On client side, the connections between daemon and client are now in the C++ part and not anymore in the QML code.
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