Set sail and conquer: Markat 0.7.0 released

Set sail and conquer: Markat 0.7.0 released

Markat Cover

Browse eBay the Sailfish way with Markat

Whoo, this time Jolla's Harbour QA was really fast. I send Markat 0.7.0 to the harbour yesterday noon and today morning at around 8 o'clock German time it passed the quality assurance and hit the Jolla Store. Version 0.6.0 was only released two days ago - 0.7.0 is an intermediate release on the way to 0.8.0 that will have bidding and buying support.

Markat, the unofficial eBay client for Jolla Sailfish OS is now released in the new Version 0.7.0 and I have to say thank you again to Carmen and paliako for their fast translation works that brought Spanish and Italian again to a full translation. According to Carmen it works also quite well on the Tablet, so I will enable Tablet publishing for the next release – but be aware, that the user interface is in no way optimized for the size of the Tablet.

Fabio Isgro gave me the hint to publish it on too for the users that are using Sailfish OS on ported phones where currently is no access to the Jolla store. So you can find Markat now also on The version published there is the same as in the Jolla store, so it has run through the same QA.

Main new features of version 0.7.0 are the reimplementation of the notes management for items in the My eBay lists and a chooser for shipping destinations on the single item page. Some smaller new features are the display of indicators for eBay-Garantie, eBay Premium Service and Top Rated listings (not supported on all market places) as well as eBay Plus (currently only German market place). Long texts in the item data are now cropped and displayed on a separate page (like terms and conditions). If there is information available for the price per unit, this will now be displayed in the search results and on the single item page.

Under the hood some smaller changes happened. The used API level has been updated to the most recent versions. Caching was improved for the user feedback list (15 minutes caching) and the single item page (now depends on listing type; auction, fixed price, etc.) and cached images are used everywhere.

On the bugs front some crashes have been eliminated and the unnecessary reloading of the search results under some circumstances has been resolved.

This is a kind of intermediate version. So, there is still no ability to place bids and process orders. Next version 0.8.0 will not be released before adding this features.

You can find more information about Markat here. But for now: Set sail and conquer.

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