Jolla Sailfish OS WebView issue workaround

Jolla Sailfish OS WebView issue workaround

My apps using Qt/QML WebView on Sailfish OS (ocNews, Chennzeihhan and Markat) have issues with diplaying websites in the integrated app webview (SilicaWebView) on OS version (Vaarainjärvi). Opening URLs there do not load the website, but only showing a white screen. Nothing crashes, there is only no content loaded and displayed. There is a quite easy workaround for this issue. All you need is a file manager app that can display hidden files and folders.

In the file manager go to /home/nemo/.cache/{app-directory}/{maybe-another-app-directory}, there you will find a folder named .QtWebKit. All you have to do is to delete this folder. Maybe you have to restart the app afterwards. But now the WebView should work again as expected.

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