Markat 0.3.0 released with big picture mode and more features

Markat 0.3.0 released with big picture mode and more features

Markat Icon Today Markat version 0.3.0 was released to Jolla store. Markat is a native Sailfish OS client for eBay, you can find more information about it here. Version 0.3.0 brings a new display mode for search results that shows big gallery pictures of items, as well as user requested features like cover information about current searches and search for completed items. To track items you are interested in it is now possible to add them to a local list of watched items that is shown on the start page. Clicking on a seller in the item view now shows up the feedback that the seller received.

It is now possible to search for completed items, but be aware, that eBay API limits this generally to 5000 requests per application and day. So, do not overdo it. ;-)

The list of recent searches was improved to the same functionality as the store search function. It stores the whole search (including filters and aspects/characteristics) in it’s last state instead of only storing keywords and categories. You can disable the storing of recent searches in the settings.

If you want to contribute to translations, go here. If you found bugs or want to make feature requests, go here.

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