ocNews 1.4.1 for Sailfish OS and Harmattan on OpenRepos.net

ocNews 1.4.1 for Sailfish OS and Harmattan on OpenRepos.net

ocNews Sailfish OS Icon

ocNews Icon for Sailfish OS

ocNews 1.4.1 is now available for Sailfish OS, too. Because Nokia closed its Store for new MeeGo apps beginning with 1st of January 2014 both versions, for Saiflish OS and Harmattan, are now on OpenRepos.net. ocNews for Sailfish OS is a native app that uses the Silica UI components. On both operating systems the ocNews background engine is not started as a daemon anymore. Instead of that the engine daemon is now started on request by the reader app through a D-Bus call. This makes it possible, to close the whole app (reader and engine) completely. Here you can find the complete changelog.

Currently the Sailfish OS version is only available through OpenRepos.net, because Jolla does not allow to install D-Bus services and interfaces at this time. But as this situation changes I will submit ocNews to Jolla Harbour/Store, too. Nokia Store has version 1.3.1 but you can use OpenRepos.net to get newer versions for Harmattan. If you have not purchased ocNews on Nokia Store but want to support it’s development a donation is highly appreciated. :)

The development for Sailfish OS does not mean that the development for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan (Nokia N9) will stop in any way. I will still try to support all features on both platforms, at least if they support them. The current situation is even, that the Harmattan version has a deeper integration and more features (event feed integration, sharing framework) than the Sailfish version, because Jolla needs some more time to make more APIs available for 3rd party application.

Screenshots of ocNews on Jolla Sailfish

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