1 Beitrag am 30. Juni 2014

ocNews SailfishOS 1.9.0 Item List Excerpts

Article excerpts

It took a bit longer as I thought, but now I finished the code cleanup and the work of improving the data models. So, ocNews, the ownCloud News App client for Jolla’s Sailfish OS and MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan (Nokia N9), brings mostly non visual improvements. The new data models are not reloading completely anymore after each operation that changes the underlying data. Sorting and filtering is now done through filter proxies, what also does not reload the complete data and makes some animation on filtering possible. Engine code base was cleaned up and the connections between the API parts are better, so that not complete classes need to be loaded into others, only to perform minimal stuff. On client side, the connections between daemon and client are now in the C++ part and not anymore in the QML code.
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