Subar Rum Version 1.2.1

Subar Rum (old high german for clean room) is a clean and fully responsive WordPress theme built around Bootstrap with many options to adapt it to your needs. It features some built-in widgets for a nicer presentation and posts and images can be marked as recommended to present them in two different image sliders/carousels in the main content header. It makes intensive use of the post thumbnail feature and adds some additonal image sizes. Beside different stylings for post formats there are optional page templates for full width presentations and a template for a static front page with own widgets. Furthermore it is possible to display the blog layout in two columns.
Developed with westphalian stubbornness in Munich.

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Thanks to the following web technologies, frameworks, code snippets and JavaScript extensions, beside all the great WordPress core stuff, Subar Rum is responsive, shows nice carousels/sliders and beautiful icons and buttons.

  • Twitter Bootstrap

    Twitter Bootstrap

    Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Bootstrap was made to not only look and behave great in the latest desktop browsers (as well as IE7!), but in tablet and smartphone browsers via responsive CSS as well.

    Visit Bootstrap

  • Font Awesome

    Font Awesome

    The iconic font by Dave Gandy designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap, but not only with that. Hundreds of great icons in a single collection, infinite scalable, easily controllable with CSS. Fits on screen readers just as on very high dpi displays. And works even on crap like IE7.

    Visit Font Awesome

  • bxSlider


    The responsive jQuery content slider by Steven Wanderski. Easy to use and integrate, with tons of configuration options. Built-in advanced support for touch and swipe. Can contain images, video, or HTML content and supports all major browsers, even crap like IE7.

    Visit bxSlider


Subar Rum tries to get the best out of WorPress‘ possibilities. It makes heavy use of the post thumbnails and also features post formats and page templates. The design gives a professional, clean publishing view, but of course you can use as much widgets you want. The main container has a width of 960px and the default size for the content (with active sidebars) is 630px. Default font is Droid Sans and for the headings it is Droid Serif. The following WordPress template tags are supported:

black blue gray white two-columns fixed-width custom-background custom-header custom-menu editor-style featured-image-header featured-images flexible-header full-width-template post-formats sticky-post theme-options threaded-comments translation-ready

  • Subar Rum Options

    Highly Configurable

    Many options to configure the theme for your needs.

  • Subar Rum Clean Design

    Clean Design

    Clean and unobtrusive base design.

  • Responsive Layout


    Fits to every size, from Desktop to Mobile.

  • Subar Rum Header Styles

    Header Styles

    Choose between Header image, two carousels/sliders or disable it.

  • Subar Rum Meta Data Styles

    Meta Data Styles

    Different presentations for the entry meta data.

  • Recommend posts and images

    Recommended Items

    Recommend posts and images and show them in slider and/or widget.

  • Subar Rum NAvigation Bar

    Navigation Bar

    Configurable top navigation bar, either with menu or search field.

  • some post formats

    Post Formats

    Features aside, image, link, quote, status, video and audio

  • Example page template

    Page Templates

    Templates for full width, full width without header, galleries and front page. The last two with own widget areas.

  • Subar Rum Widgets

    Built-In Widgets

    For a nicer presentation of recent posts and comments, one with random post button, one for presenting recommended items.

  • Translation File

    Translation Ready

    Start to show up you own language. In addition to English, German is already integrated.

  • Two content columns

    Optional Two Columns

    Optionally you can present the posts in the blog view in two columns.

Here are some screenshots of layouts and designs that are possible with Subar Rum. For sure, that are not all possibilites this theme gives to you.

Tested on all major browsers and rendering engines. Best looking on modern browsers. Works on IE7 and IE8 too, but doesn’t look that good on that crap like on a modern browser. Also tested on Android and Meego browsers.

Chrome LogoChrome/WebKit
Firefox LogoFirefox/Gecko
IE LogoIE7+/Trident
Opera LogoOpera/Presto
Safari LogoSafari/WebKit
Konqueror LogoKonqueror/KHTML


2015-01-20 Version 1.2.1
updated Justified Gallery to version 3.5.1
2014-05-26 Version 1.2.0
updated bxSlider to version 4.1.2
updated HTML5 Shiv to version 3.7.2
added Justified Gallery and own gallery shortcode
2013-06-19 Version 1.1.4
adapted Bootstrap hero-unit to fit better on small screens
added possibility to add an favicon
2013-06-19 Version 1.1.3
updated Bootstrap to version 2.3.2
updated Font Awesome to version 3.2.1
removed Glyphicon icons because of incompatible license
2013-04-25 Version 1.1.2
fixed a bug in subarrum_get_featured() where the wrong status was used in the query when attachments should be shown
2013-04-25 Version 1.1.1
Added RSS feed links to category, tag, search and author posts lists
2013-04-24 Version 1.1
Added editor style sheet
2013-04-16 Version 1.0
Initial version


This list is randomly sorted, not by priority.

More custom colors
Integrate options to change the colors for text, links and other font elements.
More post formats
Format templates for currently not supported post formats, like chat etc.
Custom fonts
Either support custom web fonts or at a beginning a list to choose from.
Add optionally template specific shortcodes to easily benefit from WordPress and Font Awesome in own entries and pages.
Editor CSS
Integrate editor css file to show layout directly when writing.
Nicer gallery
Nicer gallery presentation, either based on CSS or an modified gallery shortcode.
Different comment thread styles
Include one ore more additional styles for the threaded comments to choose from.
Subar Rum by Buschmann
licensed under GNU General Public License 3
Bootstrap by Twitter Inc.
code licensed under Apache License 2.0
Font Awesome by Dave Gandy
font licensed under SIL Open Font License
CSS licensed under MIT License
bxSlider by Steven Wanderski
licensed under MIT License
Droid Fonts by Steve Matteson
requested from Google Font API, licensed under Apache License 2.0
HTML5 Shiv by Alexander Farkas, Jonathan Neal, Paul Irish et al.
licensed under MIT License
Justified Gallery by Miro Mannino
licensed under MIT License